​I'm Yudy Veras Bueno​

​Transformational Coach, ​Emotional & ​Spiritual ​Guide, Speaker, Author & Abolitionist!​

​Hi, I'm Yudy - Welcome to my world!

​I'm a Transformational Coach, Emotional & Spiritual Guide, and I'm passionate about life!

​I ​work with successful ​women, and their ​teens, and of course, a few amazing men.  Professionals, consultants, health practitioners, and entrepreneurs who are committed to stopping any type of self-sabotage.

When you work with me you will truly know self-empowerment. You'll gain clarity, and true understanding of your deep-rooted fears, insecurities, frustrations, lack of self-confidence, overthinking, and self-doubts.

​As a Certified NAP Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, and Reiki Master Practitioner, l created a program combining both science and a natural holistic approach to healing to ​equip you with real knowledge, practical tools, and resources to overcome these fears and create the life that you always wanted.

I use ​Neuro-Associative Programming (NAP), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Brain Plasticity and Positive Psychology, combined with holistic modalities, such as Reiki, Sound Therapy, ​​Guided Meditation, Mindfulness Awareness, ​​and Visualization among other techniques to bring real change in a short period of time.


I needed to build my personal strength. There was so much going on in my life and I felt overwhelmed. At first I was skeptical about ​Yudy's approach because the concept was new to me, but she was able to give me the clarity that I needed to believe in my inner strength and that we are all capable of believing in ourselves.

I have a deep connection with Yudy and would highly recommend her.  ​She and I have a deep passion for what she does helping our children​.

​Valerie M., New York ​ ​​Licensed RE Associate Broker at BHG Rand Realty​


​Our  mission is to create a future where people are no longer the victims of circumstance, but are in control of their own lives to fulfill their purpose.  We are ​​committed to empower leaders and change agents to transform themselves, their organizations and their community from a life that is mindless to mindful, so that we create a planet of more conscious and empower human being!

"You have the power to transform yourself to create a new identity for a happier and more fulfilling life that is worth living!" ~ Yudy Veras Bueno

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​Transformational Coach - Emotional & Spiritual Guide

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