​The Healing Circle!

Breathe. ​​Heal. Enjoy!

​​The center of the circle represents the spiritual essence of the self, your ​higher-self, and​ the ​essence of every living entity!

What is ​a Healing Circle?

The circle process allows full expression of emotions and channels the energy of those emotions toward positive transformation.

Healing Circle is a sacred ancient tradition and are deeply rooted in the traditional practices of indigenous people. This circle is often referred to as the Medicine Wheel, encompassing and representing the seven ​sacred directions: ​West, North, East, South, Sky, Earth, and Center. And, the ​​seven Chakras in the eastern traditions.

“West, North, East, and South are viewed as the sacred quadrants of the universe and it is represents the sacred center, the Heart Chakra

​This extraordinary experience will allow you to gain peace of mind, remove stress and become aware of toxic overthinking, and put you on a deep relaxation. You’ll enjoy the healing energy of the ​Tibetan healing bowls to help you becoming aware of emotional and metal blockages. ​​You’ll glow as the healing energy permeates your entire being, giving you a new sense well-being. This will be an ​an amazing experience!

​Give yourself ​permission and take a break from your busy life by experiencing this extraordinary evening of relaxation, guided meditation, mindfulness, ​and sound therapy. Come together to learn how to let go of stress, fear and any type of anxiety.  Every circle starts with ​the intention of grounding yourself in the now to​ improve your ​emotional,​ physical health, and spiritual ​state.

Benefits: Energy Healing, Reiki, Sound Therapy, ​and ​Meditation are known to relax your mind, body and soul as well as healing you emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Yudy is a warm, big-hearted healer with great insight into the suffering of humanity, but who also has an unwavering joy and optimism that is infectious.  She helps her clients to process through their pain, while reminding them of their divine nature and of the abundance of blessings in the simplest most mundane aspects of life.  She has held healing circles at my yoga studio, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  People are genuinely moved by their work with her.  I have also received one-on-one healing from Yudy, and her ability to intuit and focus in on the mental, physical and spiritual issues in need of healing, is uncanny.  She is the real deal.

Love,  ​Jody - Ayu Yoga Studio www.ayuyogastudio.com

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