Yudy Veras Bueno

​​Transformational Coach & Mindfulness Teacher!

​Transforming Your Life From Mindless to Mindful! ​

What does it means transforming your life from Mindless to Mindful? 

Well this is what it means to you …

  • Discovering and eliminating mental patterns and behavioral habits that are not serving you any longer
  • Changing your inner dialogue to foster and strengthen your focus to gain ​peace of mind
  • Stop living in autopilot and becoming more mindful 
  • Learn to let go of stressful situations or people that are hurting you 
  • Have an increased sense of well-being and personal awareness
  • Strengthen your connections and interpersonal ​relationships​​ starting with yourself
  • Learn how to say no without feeling guilty
  • ​Learn to take personal responsibility to take control of your life 
  • ​Redefine self-love and self-care 
  • Learn how to forgive yourself and others 
  • Learn to live in the present moment 
  • Create peace of mind and relaxation
  • Increase ​your productivity and focus

You don't think is possible? ​You know what? It is possible and it’s worth it. Give yourself the opportunity to invest on your well-being, and I'll help you removing all the labels you are carrying around.

What are the labels? The labels are those rules, beliefs and ideas that are keeping you from growing and taking your life to the next level. Those old stories you tell you yourself everyday. The stories that are playing in your head like a broken record. 

Here is the truth:

 Keeping yourself stuck in a cycle of feeling awful is not serving anybody. It’s not serving you, your kids, your family, your business, your job, or even your friends.

Yes, you may believe old habits are hard to break and it is a waste of time to try. You may have lost your ability to dream. I believe everything happens for a reason... there is a reason you are reading this now. It is time to drop the labels!


Yudy is an amazing teacher, coach, and friend. I came to her with things from my childhood, which I was aware of, but  working with her have helped me recognized that those labels were not my identity​. That I am an amazing and powerful being, who deserves to be happy. I have learned to embrace the phenomenal, warrior woman that I’m, and launched my own business. How awesome is that? I met her at the right time in my life. Love you my dear Sister!! 

Sending you love and light! Thank you!

Ava R. New ​Jersey- Health Care Specialist- Founder & CEO of Favor Senior Home Care 

  • ​​What if the story or beliefs you have created up to this point ​are false?
  • ​What if you still have the opportunity to dream again?
  • ​​What if I told you that you came here with a purpose, a life project?
  • ​​What w​ill your life be like when you tap into your inner power to feel ​fulfilled?​

​​Yes, I can help you too!

I will help you. ​You will begin a journey of self-discovery​ and transformation.  

Create ​a new way of living ​where you are no longer a victim of your circumstances. ​​​​

Change mental and emotional patterns; let go of habits that are no longer serving you. ​

Get a mental upgrade ​to see ​new possibilities​. 


Most traditional approaches and therapies when dealing with human behavior and emotional challenges are usually focus on a symptomatic approach. Meaning that the majority of “experts” on regular psychology will focus on the symptoms and assumptions, rather than finding out what is the root cause of the issue. 

However, our ​​challenges must involve a range of different approaches, including alternative and holistic modalities. Joy Holistic Wellness understands what is happening to you​. 

If you can identify the root cause, it can be potentially eliminated!




Our understanding of brain functioning had evolved as well. One of the major areas in which great progress has been made is in the understanding of human behavior through Neuroscience and brain plasticity. 

Neuro Associative Programming (NAP) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) are on the cutting-edge of this evolution providing you with the best strategies and resources to help you bring truth changes. NAP is the culmination of years of research and application of proven principles of neuroscience relating to how human beings take in, sort, store, access and utilize information and experiences.

NLP deals with how language impacts our subconscious mind, and NAP is a system of proven strategies that have been used for decades to create positive and real change. It is constantly evolving and bringing ONLY the best and proven developments in Neuroscience.

Instead of focusing on people’s problems, negative behavior, old patterns and repeating a story that plays over and over, NAP/NLP offers a more refined, sophisticated and advanced methodology to affect and create real change NOW.

NAP/NLP has the ability to get to the root cause to eliminate it by ​changing the assumptions and limiting beliefs. It will help you fostering new and empowering behaviors and habits that will contribute to a happier and more ​productive life.


Yudy came to me as a gift from God. I am only two sessions in with Yudy, but I will say I have found her to be tremendously effective, efficient and intuitive. The information she is offering is not new to me, but the way in which she relays the wisdom to me, seems to sink into my soul on a much deeper level than other coaches. I also find it incredibly refreshing to have a coach who is light hearted and blunt at times when I’m falling into old silly patterns. It lessons the inner shame and I have been able to move on from “mistakes” much faster internally. She is raw, real, consistent and clear. ​Thank you!

​Caitlin Paterson. MSW Fordham University, LCSW, CHT,  ​Licensed Clinical Social worker and Certified Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist and co-founder of EVOLVE Wellness and The Soul School.

Our body changes every two years, the only constant is our programming. Science has shown that every last cell in our body after two years is comprised of brand new cells. The only thing that prevents us from living a healthy life free of old patterns is the programming that we are holding on to; the memories, beliefs, rules, values and patterns that become the software that will determine how we live our lives.

How can we change this programming and the behaviors that are the source of major and unwanted pain? Working with a highly trained NAP/NLP Practitioner can be your answer.

​Our programs combined several holistic approaches, which will allow you to begin a journey of self-​discovery by creating an empowering identity where the person does not feel like a victim of their circumstances. 

We’ll help you to see new possibilities by releasing stress and fears. Letting go of mental and emotional patterns and habits that are no longer serving you and to help you re-training your brain to see new possibilities.

We combine cutting-edge modern science of Neuro Associative Programming (NAP) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which is the understanding of human behavior using Neuroscience, Brain Plasticity and Positive Psychology.

Together with holistic modalities, such as, Reflective Guided Meditation, Sound, Awareness, Visualization and Self-empowerment.

This is a combination creates a unique symbiosis as I use a proven scientific method for a more advanced holistic approach.

I'm committed to empower the leaders​ and change agents to transform themselves, their organizations and their community so that we create a planet of more conscious and ​empower human beings... ​

The time is now... Your time is here to s​​​​tep into your power and change the false stories ​that are holding you back. You are magnificent! And it's time to rediscover your gifts and talents. 


  • ​Are y​ou ​willing to do what i​​​​t takes to succeed?
  • Are you willing to let go of the false story playing over and over in your head?

​Now​ Is The Transform Your Life From Mindless to Mindful!



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