Finding Happiness: My Practical Formula to help your child, and yourself, become emotionally stronger and more confidence

My Practical Formula to help your child, and yourself, become emotionally stronger and more confidence!

Part 1: Happiness is a skill. Happiness is a State of Mind and a Choice. Happiness is a Decision!

Hi, I’m Yudy, a Transformational Coach, Wellness Practitioner, and Mindfulness Teacher. Sounds like a handful, right?

Well, if that’s not enough, I’m also a mom of two amazing kids. A beautiful 19-year-old girl named Amanda, who is the artist of the family. And Christopher, my 12-year-old boy. He is pretty charming and a happy boy.

However, that was not always the case.

I’ll tell you a brief story about my charming boy, Chris. I was able to help him build his confidence, release stress, become happier, and most importantly, find inner peace.

You’ll love the story because it’s practical. You’ll be able to apply our secret formula to increase your happiness level right away.

This formula works regardless of your age, profession, industry, background, or creed.

So, anyhow, at an early age, my charming boy was diagnosed with ADHD and other “learning impairments.” You know, one of those big labels used to create fear for any parent.

It is worth mentioning that Chris is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met, however, at that time he was having some challenges with communication.

Don’t we at some point all have challenges with communication? I mean, seriously, half of the struggles my clients are facing at home and work are related to poor communication.

Anyway, Chris received early intervention and did pretty well. He learned to speak in full sentences in no time. Nevertheless, his ability to communicate and relate to others was a challenge. Hence, his school was not his favorite place to go.

School became a nightmare for him, and also for us as the parents dealing with it every day. I’m sure you can relate to this.

Every morning Chris would refuse to get up. Our home became a battlefield, a struggle.

As a mom, it was frustrating and sad to see him that way. One night during our prayers before bed, he told me, “Mom, I think God made me wrong.”

“Chris, what makes you say that?”

With tears in my eyes, I said to my beautiful boy, “Chris, there is nothing wrong with you. God made you perfect just the way you are!”

You can imagine how hard it was for me as a mom to hear my son saying such a thing. I realized that he was not only miserable, but he was in pain.

That night I decided that something needed to be done. He needed my help badly. So, I was determined. I would not let my child suffer any longer since it was no longer acceptable.

What would you have done?

For me? I did the only thing that always worked. That night, I set my intentions during my meditation to find a solution.

I learned that for every challenge there is a viable, or a practical solution. I’ve learned this from my own experience after suffering for many years with chronic stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and not feeling like I was enough.

I learned that change is inevitable and transformation is a choice. I was able to transform into a happier and healthier version of myself, and so I knew that Chris would be able to do the same. I knew it was possible and so our journey to find happiness began.

Here is the first secret, but you’ll receive the second one on my next blog!

Ask and you will receive, that is a promise. Not only that, but you must be open to receive the help.

As a Holistic Wellness Practitioner & Mindfulness Teacher, I practice my meditation routine every day. I’ve practiced meditation since I was 7 years old. That is a very, very long time and currently, I’m in my 40’s now.

Meditation is my sacred morning ritual. Meditation keeps me grounded and centered. It helps to focus and stay calm. Plus, it is the antidote to stress and anxiety. More importantly, it is the gateway to finding the answers you need.

Whenever I have a challenge, I meditate on it. I present my challenge to what I call “the dynamic intelligence of the universe”.

Here is the truth, anything I do is guided by this intelligence. That night I ask this question: “How can I help my child? Please allow me to receive the answer.”

It is a simple process that I teach my clients during my one-on-one coaching, seminars, workshops, and Lunch and Learn.

I go into deep meditation, then present the challenge, and trust that the answer will come.

And guess what? It always does come!

This time was no different. A few days later, I was invited to a seminar.

Guess, what was the topic? Finding Happiness during Adversity!

How appropriate, here was the answer that I was looking for. You see, that dynamic intelligence is always providing us with what we need when we need it the most.

Your job? Ask, trust and wait.

At the end of the seminar, I came to one of the coordinators and thanked her for putting it together.

I said, “I came with a lot of questions, and I found so many answers.” Then she asked me, “What answers were you looking for today?” I explained the struggle I have with Chris on a daily basis. I told her that I did not know what else to do with him and that we tried everything.

And then she said something extremely profound.

She said, “Make sure he is happy because when you are happy everything is possible.”

She continued to say, happiness is the answer to every problem, so help him find his happy place within himself. Once he learns to do that, everything is possible.

That was a heartfelt and simple formula, make sure he is happy. Teach him to find his happy place within, and from that anything is possible.

Stay tuned for my next chapter on “Finding Happiness” you’ll learn even more and in the process, who knows maybe you’ll find a little more happiness for yourself and your loved ones.

Well, my wish for you is to find your inner happiness.

Sending love and light!