The Book Launches in July 2018!

I'm extremely excited about our book launch in ​May and even more excited because you are now a part of this amazing community!

What you'll learn in the book...

  • 7 Keys to Conquer Your Fears
  • Heal Your Heart
  • Honor Your Voice
  • heart
    Embrace Your Freedom and Find Joy

Why should I care about this community?

The intent of the book is to inspire individuals like yourself to become even more aware of their choices and possibilities. Allowing them to tap into their true potential, unblocking fears, removing stress, and freeing themselves of any bind and self-imposed suffering. Empowering them to take back their life, bringing inner peace and becoming compassionate toward themselves and others.

Our vision is to help create a world where the average individual is inspired to use their creativity and true potential to foster a new spiritual economy. A world where we take control and responsibility for our own life!!!

Together we’ll create a movement to bring hope, emotional and spiritual healing, and even more compassion to our community!

How do you get involved?

First, pre-order your book:

Your pre-order is only $10.00 - saving you 50% off the retail price!

You'll be part of an elite group who'll receive the first 100 copies of the book and second by sharing this page with others so that they can get a copy of the book and save as well!

IF YOU ALREADY PLACED YOUR BOOK ORDER ~congratulations~ you are now part of our community of Change Agents!

The Benefits of the Community:

  • Create real connections
  • Become part of a special FaceBook Group
  • Inspire yourself and others and keep each other accountable
  • Receive tips, videos and quotes on different topics, such as:
  • Removing stress with easy techniques
  • Learn Easy Meditation techniques
  • Bring more peace into your life
  • Discover your own potential and help others do the same!
  • Keep yourself motivate to pursue your life purpose
  • Feel amazing knowing that a % of the book sale goes to Durga Tree International to Stop Child Trafficking!

Copyright - Yudy Veras Bueno and Joy Holistic Wellness
International Emotional Guide & Spiritual Leader

​*Once you processed your payment we'll be contacting  you to schedule your session. Sessions are offer either online or in-person at our facilities. You can schedule your sessions during the month of December and/or Jan 2018. Please contact me for any questions related to this holiday special.