Yudy Veras Bueno

Transformational Coach ​- Emotional & Spiritual Guide, Speaker, Author & Abolitionist ​

​Our retreats will ​bring massive transformation!

​We are ​committed to help ​you ​experiencing real inner transformation.  ​We have a ​unique ​and fun approach​. ​Our ​retreats, seminars and workshops are ​based on a proven processes to affect real ​transformation​ to empower​ professional​. 

​The ​results of our retreats? ​Increasing ​confident, self-awareness, self-love, and well-being.  ​  ​

Finally ​and most importantly— Changing your life forever!​

You will leave our retreat inspired to take actions​​​! ​

Together we'll ​get to the ​root causes of your fears, insecurities, poor decision making, lack of motivation, low self-esteem​ and procrastination​. — and ​show you my secrets and practical formulas ​to ​overcome these fears and feel like a winner in ​your personal and professional life. You are getting powerful results in a short period of time.

​Her inspiring ​content is what ​you need right this moment to resolve ​these fears and ​ indecision that are hurting yourself, your children, your career and your relationships. ​We'll ​fired-up your soul ​to take actions.

Most importantly, ​you'll be able to put the tools into practice right away to obtain the right results ​​ 

You will receive effective tools, interactive exercises, fun, and a valuable content that will create a vision for your future long term. ​

​Our retreats are ​dynamic, inspiring, and ​LIFE CHANGING! ​

​Our Retreat ​transforming your life ​from mindless to mindful:

  • Learn how to say no without feeling guilty
  • ​Learn to take personal responsibility to take control of your life 
  • ​Redefine self-love and self-care 
  • Learn how to forgive yourself and others 
  • Learn to live in the present moment 
  • Create peace of mind and relaxation
  • Increase ​your productivity and focus
  • Stop living in autopilot and becoming more mindful 
  • Learn to let go of stressful situations or people that are hurting you 
  • Have an increased sense of well-being and personal awareness
  • Strengthen your connections and interpersonal ​relationships​​ starting with yourself!

​​ ​Improving Your Health & Wellness at Work: Lunch & Learn Meditation​

 Stress is now a "World Wide Epidemic"

​It is a fact that every year companies spend large amounts of money on ​stress-related illnesses for their employees. For instance, stress ranks among the top three workplace challenges in the USA, along with family crisis and depression.

According to Forbes, This is senseless, mainly because it is preventable. A Health & Wellness program at work can alleviate these ​issues tremendously. A new trend that has shown positive results for a company is a meditation practice at work.

Stress is ​the number one leading cause of disability among people ages 15 to 44. workplace stress is responsible for up to $190B in the annual U.S. Healthcare Costs.

​For instance, the world’s biggest companies, such as Google, GlaxoSmithKline ​& KPMG, all are ​offering ​Mindfulness Meditation ​to their employees to ​cut workplace stress and boost their productivity.

What ​is a "Mindfulness & Meditation Lunch & Learn? 

A "Mindfulness & Meditation Lunch & Learn" comprised of 30 to ​60 minutes depending on your schedule. ​Your employees will ​appreciate you even more after ​releasing stress, relaxing,  ​and most importantly, ​ gain focus and concentration to continue serving your clients.

​Benefits and results of her Mindfulness & Meditation Lunch & Learn? Release stress, tension, gain mental clarity, focus. Increase heart coherence to improve your emotional intelligence and resilience. Increase a general sense of well-being and inner peace.

Your employees​ will feel refresh to perform and continue their work day!

​Is every Lunch & Learn ​is the same? Each one is different. However, each one has the following elements: ​An educational element related to emotional ​well-being, a guided meditation, visualization, breathing techniques, and sharing​ of the experience to consolidate learning, and create a sense of unity within the team!

​*Once you processed your payment we'll be contacting  you to schedule your session. Sessions are offer either online or in-person at our facilities. You can schedule your sessions during the month of December and/or Jan 2018. Please contact me for any questions related to this holiday special.