What clients and students ​are ​saying about Yudy...

Yudy came to me as a gift from God. God knew I would benefit from her approach and connected us through a newly acquainted friend of mine. I am only two sessions in with Yudy, but I will say I have found her to be tremendously effective, efficient and intuitive. The information she is offering is not new to me, but the way in which she relays the wisdom to me, seems to sink into my soul on a much deeper level than other coaches. I also find it incredibly refreshing to have a spiritual coach who is light hearted and blunt at times when I’m falling into old silly patterns. It lessons the inner shame and I have been able to move on from “mistakes” much faster internally. She is raw, real, consistent and clear. What a beautiful gift it has been to work with her in this capacity during this lifetime.

Love,  ​​Caitlin G. P. - Ne​w Jersey,  ​Mom & Psychologist


I was newly acquainted with Yudy. She was introduced to me as a Reiki Master. I was unfamiliar with Reiki but knew it was energy-work, and that ​ Yudy received her Neuro Linguistic Programming Certificate. All I can say is WOW! Yudy has the  rare ability to acquaint you with your unconscious. She said things to me that I have only said to myself. I have learned the unconscious drives 95% of who we are and only 5% of our actions are driven by our conscious mind. I can't explain how powerful it is to get a glimpse into that 95% that drives most of our actions. I encourage you to partner and work with Yudy and trust that you will not be disappointed. Yudy thank you for all you do. Thank you for the lovely experience together. You are truly gifted.

Debi Waldeck, BSHA, CNC​ - ACE Certified Health Coach, Medical Exercise Specialist - Author and Creator of the Saving Generation Next Project 

"An incredible experience that surpassed my every single expectation. I would absolutely recommend Yudy Veras Bueno to anyone seeking balance and clarity. It was a beautiful experience! A true gift. You have no idea how much your energy helped me. I cannot thank you enough. I never thought I could be this happy. I attracted this job for being in a place where I could receive it. You are a gift and a true friend. It completely blows me away how things have turned around for me after our session. Thank you.

Kaira Grundig, New York- Mom, Food Industry Expert  & Managing Partner

​"​I met Yudy Bueno in 2016 at a Women's networking group and have gotten to know her as a genuine, personable and caring entrepreneur and friend. She introduced me to Reiki as a spiritual healing alternative at a time when I needed to build my personal strength. There was so much going on in my life and I felt overwhelmed. At first I was skeptical about the concept, but she was able to give me the clarity that I needed to believe in my inner strength and that we are all capable of believing in ourselves. I have a deep connection with Yudy and would highly recommend her to my family and friends. As a matter of fact,  I have sent her a few of my friends and family to meet with her and they are now believers too.  She and I have a deep passion to use holistic approaches to healing our children. We will continue our efforts to help others going forward. I just LOVE her!

​Valerie Moldow, New York

Mom, ​Children Wellness Advocate - Personal goal ​is to help adolescents who struggle with all types of addictions. - ​Licensed RE Associate Broker at BHG Rand Realty 

​When I met Yudy my life was at a complete stand still, I had been suffering with migraines for eight years, I had sought out an array of different treatments both western and eastern, I did brain behavior, bio feedback, therapy, I saw a naturopath, pain management, numerous amounts of neurologists, chiropractors, and an acupuncturist that I still see today. All of this helped a little but I was still having more downs then ups, every time I made progress, I would regress almost back to when it all began. This was so frustrating, when I found Yudy I was excited to go on this spiritual healing journey with her, I knew that I had done all I could on my own and now I needed help. We started by going over where I was in life now and where I wanted to be by the end of her program. She totally rebooted the way I think, and the way I look at life and even the illness I have been going through. Now I see everything in a more positive way and life’s challenges as a puzzle to solve and something to gain knowledge from. Working with Yudy I have made so much progress, I went from border line bed ridden to volunteering at a youth group, crafting and showing off my crafts at a craft fair, being able to be more independent, studying for my permit, figuring out what I want to do in life, signing up for yoga class setting forth goals and actually making headway on them, being able to make plans, this was huge for me, prior to working with Yudy I basically was a hermit and hiding from the world. The biggest obstacle I have overcome is also one of the simplest one; just not to be afraid, and I’m proud to say that I have replaced fear with hope. I am so happy, I feel so fulfilled each and every day. I have the confidence back from before I was the sick Lucy, I don’t even associate myself with this word anymore, I am the Lucy that is becoming healthier every day. I am more confident in myself, and have found the warrior that has been inside me all along. I have learned to embrace my god given gifts and I am constantly learning to help people with them, it is a beautiful and amazing thing. I have returned to the confident happy peppy annoyingly optimistic person that I have always been, and preparing to start my life (school, license, have a big birthday party of the years that I missed out on) taking steps that I would have taken in my young adulthood if I had not been sick. (I have been taking major steps leaps in my day to day actions). Everything I have been wanting and asking for I have been working towards and in a big way. Thank you so much Yudy, you truly have a gift.

Luciana T. - ​ New York - Brain Education Instructor, Writer, Children Wellness Advocate & Founder of Miracle Crafts by Lucy (Find her on Etsy)

Yudy, I have been wanting to tell you that you have made a huge difference in my life.  I have spent the last year and ½ working on my mind, my attitude and hopefulness for my life which I felt so deeply was not where I needed it to be - by a long shot.  I was doing so much work with my head, but when we met I was drawn to your joyousness, your kindness and your heart. After chatting a bit, it became clear that your spiritual base was so strong and “knowing,” it just drew me.  You have made a HUGE difference in my life and in such a few sessions together. Each time we speak, I am never sure what we will cover, but it always turns out to be amazing.  The guidance you gave me last time about being real and expressing my feelings as hard as it seemed were transforming – to say the least.  Thank you for every moment we spend and each word of guided brilliance. You have an amazing power to draw out the best of my spirit.  I can only imagine what more transforming results are to come. Thank you. Thank you!

Love,  ​ Marcie H. - New Jersey​ - Business Coach


Yudy, ​I’ve learned something I want to share with you. I can want what I want. And stand on it but I don’t have to be mad or afraid to do so. I don’t have to be angry to want what I want. It’s so simple but it’s such a different energy. There’s an energy that’s shifted inside of me. It’s amazing. I even breathe more. Not sure what you did to me but it works!

Thank you. Thank you!

Love,  ​ ​Mariel Alvarado - ​New Jersey​ - ​Mom, Intuitive Marketing Strategist & Client Acquisition Coach - Co-Founder & Co-Creator of Lady Savant


Yudy is a warm, big-hearted healer with great insight into the suffering of humanity, but who also has an unwavering joy and optimism that is infectious.  She helps her clients to process through their pain, while reminding them of their divine nature and of the abundance of blessings in the simplest most mundane aspects of life.  She has held healing circles at my yoga studio, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  People are genuinely moved by their work with her.  I have also received one-on-one healing from Yudy, and her ability to intuit and focus in on the mental, physical and spiritual issues in need of healing, is uncanny.  She is the real deal.

Love,  ​Jody - Yoga Instructor & Business Owner- Ayu Yoga Studio ​www.ayuyogastudio.com


I have been blessed to have met Yudy in my own personal journey. I am grateful for not only having her as a Spiritual Guide, but also as a friend. Having worked with Yudy I must say she truly comes from the heart when giving to others. She is an amazing soul always looking to make a difference in someone’s life. I have had amazing results during my sessions with Yudy. She helped me on different levels from overcome challenges from past experiences who did not allow me to be my authentic self to removing energy blockages that were getting on the way of my personal growth. I am so excited for Yudy to share her wisdom, caring and love with the rest of the world. Thank you!

Natalia R. - ​ Brooklyn, New York - ​ Coach 

"Working with Yudy was a wonderful experience. She has such a kind and compassionate soul that helps you feel supported, understood and held in sacred space while you heal. Her meditation was beautiful and led me to a deep peace that has carried on after our session. I'm so thankful to have had this experience and look forward to working with her in the future!"

Sandy H. - California - Coach 

'Today is an awesome day!' That's my new daily slogan after meeting Yudy. I no longer wake up dreading the work week, anticipating the worse, or complaining about the past. I enjoy each day and everything it brings. I'm a working mom with two kids that play sports. I constantly felt stressed. I let the stress cause chaos in my life. After my first session with Yudy, I realized the importance of improving my inner self. Yudy has the amazing ability to give you that "Aha Moment" by just listening. You receive immediate results when working with her. I've never felt so balanced or had so much clarity and understanding of myself and others around me. My new outlook and approach to life has transcended my relationship with my kids and husband. I am so blessed and grateful to have Yudy in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Stephanie B. - ​New York - Mom & Associate Director Brand Launches ​in the Pharmaceutical Industry

"I wanted to let you know that I felt very grateful and happy after our session. God is amazing and always sends me great people in my path. God has blessed you with a gift to help many more people. You have a charismatic, beautiful, and special energy surrounding you. Thank you for taking the time to come to my house, it was the best money I have spend on me. I feel blessed and at peace!"

Luz C. - ​ New Jersey - Entrepreneur, Business Owner & CEO of  The Corredor Crew Cleaning Service 


Working with Yudy has been an amazing experience. I did the Reiki session and the healing circle and knew I had to get my daughter working with her. It has been 3 months since we started and I have seen an incredible change in Lucy. She has suffered from chronic migraines since age 16, an 8 year journey to date. We were very aware of the mind, body and soul connection and have been doing all we could through the 8 years. A natural diet and now the Autoimmune Paleo diet (due to many food allergies and Celiac), Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Chiropractor, Chi Cong/Yoga, Biofeedback, meditation and others. Now, with the introduction to Yudy, the Reiki, the Spiritual coaching and the Neuro Associative Programming (N.A.P.) & Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, I can say I have my daughter back. She went from being a sick girl to being a young lady who is getting healthier and who is making plans for her future and she is happy. I am SO happy because there is a future that is bright and full of hope and endless possibilities. Yudy Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ana D. - ​ New York - Biologist and Expert on ​Aromatherapy  - Creator of the Fruit of Life - ​Hand-Crafted Essential Oils 

"Yudy has such an amazing gift. Her aura transcends within the first contact upon meeting her. I was able to witness her blessing of peace and her love for life with such extraordinary detail that it helped me become more aware and relaxed immediately. After a few sessions of meeting with her I was on the right path and found my inner self and became very aware of the importance of being in a healthy mental state. What an unforgettable experience! I can't thank her enough for being so supportive and loving. Yudy brought calmness into such a chaotic time in my life. You are truly remarkable! I am forever grateful."

Vanessa D. L. -  New York - Financial & Bank Industry Professional 

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much Yudy for helping get past challenges I did not know I had! This past weekend was life changing for me and you are doing amazing work changing people's lives.

Chevy R. - ​ New Jersey  - Entrepreneur​ & Healthcare Manager 

I have to begin by saying that, in my life, I've had many experiences both good and bad. I have also tried many different forms of therapy: physical, emotional and psychological. This Saturday I started Reiki, which is something that I have never tried before. It has been a marvelous experience! It has brought joy in my life transforming into a new person. A person with the desire to live and work towards continuous happiness. I am different because I'm emotionally calm. I recommend it especially to help you rid of bad emotional and spiritual toxins out of your system. I'll end by saying that it has been and will continue to be my best form of therapy. Thank you Yudy for helping me discover a new me! I had gained Internal and spiritual peace that I was looking for.

Belkis D. - ​ New York - Mom, Business Owner & Founder of Belkis Cleaning Services

​Yudy is an amazing teacher, coach, and friend. I came to her with things from my childhood, which I was aware of, but she helped me to remove the labels that I was carrying around all my life. Working with her have helped me recognized that the labels are not my identity, but that I am an amazing and powerful being, who deserves to be happy. I have learned to embrace the phenomenal, warrior woman that I’m, and launched my own business. How awesome is that? I met her at the right time in my life. Love you my dear Sister!! Sending you love and lights of healing. Thank you!

​Love, Ava R. - ​ New ​Jersey- Health Care Specialist ​- Founder & CEO of Favor Senior Home Care 

"Yudy- I would like to thank you for being such an amazing loving person. Your confidence and positive attitude radiates and is definitely inspiring. I have always been an open-minded person but the Reiki session we had opened up areas in my mind that I never knew I could get to. It confirmed to me just how much I am worth. I am priceless and in being priceless; I come to the understanding we need to take care of ourselves in EVERY way. (Spiritually, emotionally & physically). I also learned a very valuable lesson that the peace & clarity I longed for was in me the whole time and that only I have the power to control just how much of it I want each day. Thank you Yudy for opening your door & heart to help everyone!

Sari D. L. - ​ New York - Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Vegan Lifestyle Expert 

"Transformational! She was excellent in every way, very informative as well as passionate about her service. I like the unique blend of the oils and stones she integrates in every session. Her intuitive healing abilities are genuine and very effective. My session went so well I was presented with immediate results! I highly recommend her services."

Kendra J. - ​ New Jersey

"From the moment Yudy, entered my house she provided a relaxing environment. She was able to describe in detail what was going to happen and took time to answer all of my questions. From the moment the session started, she was able to give me insight into things that were bothering me that I did not even realize. It was amazing to see the difference and clarity I felt after the session. Now even several weeks later, I am able to tackle problems I am facing with a sense of calmness that I have never felt before. I would highly recommend Reiki with Yudy to anyone looking for a relaxing and insightful experience. Thanks, Yudy!"

Erin M. - ​ Florida - Teacher & Business Owner 

"Yudy has helped me to change my negativity to positivity. I have learned there is good in everyday and to focus on that. I have learned to clear my mind, to deal with stress differently and that has helped my anxiety. I am so grateful to for the process I am currently in the change in my life is amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Happiness is my goal.

Tracy A. D. - New York - Teacher & Positive Life Style Advocate ​

"Thank you Yudy Veras Bueno for helping me make connections and merging my old with my new. I'm forever grateful for you. Continue to radiate your light and love to the world. Because the world needs someone like you to bring joy and peace.

Shelly M. - ​ New Jersey - Entrepreneur 

"Not knowing what to expect I felt like I was somehow sent to the right place during a time when I needed guidance and healing. - Thank you again"

Marlenys F. - , New York - Operating Room Registered Nurse ​ 

Testimonios en Espanol

“​​​Tengo muchas razones para agradecer a la vida el haberme encontrado a Yudy en momentos de cambios y retos en mi vida. Ella ha logrado abrir mis ojos y mi corazón al camino de la Gratitud, que es el combustible que mueve y dirige la realización de mis proyectos y metas, y siempre guiada desde el Amor. Yudy me ayudo a reconocer y sanar las creencias limitantes que afectan mi forma de ver la vida, reconocer mis dones y habilidades, sobretodo mis capacidad de dar y recibir amor.​" Gracias, gracias, gracias querida Yudy. Dios te bendiga!

Karina Martinez, ​Doctora en Estomatoligia  

​“Trabajar con mi amiga Yudy ha sido bastante reconfortante. Tu saber que estas al borde de un colapso en tu vida ya sea en lo profesional o en la salud y dejarte llevar de una persona tan dulce que te hace ver la vida tan clara, lo fácil que se te vuelve el diario vivir, es bien gratificante.

Yo estaba en una burbuja computarizada que respondía al mismo patron de vida todos los días. No es fácil dejar de vivir, y con eso me refiero, a no compartir con tu familia, tus amigos, tus colegas, no hacer vida social; solo por cumpliar con patrones impuestos que solo te llevan a la muerte por el camino mas corto. De todo corazón, Yudy y su terapia llegaron a mi vida en el momento perfecto para darle un giro bien interesante a mi diario vivir. He cambiado bastante para recuperar mi salud, la cual estaba bien afectada por el stress de este mundo tan exigente.

Gracias al universo por darme la oportunidad de reencontrar el punto de equilibrio de mi vida.”

Fausto Reyes, ​Republica Dominicana - ​​Ingeniero ​de Sistemas y Computaci​ón 

​Fundador & CEO de Farego Soft Empresa Dedicada al Desarrollo de Software  

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