Yudy Veras Bueno

Transformational Coach ​- Emotional & Spiritual Guide, Speaker, Author & Abolitionist

The Ancient Path of Energy Healing for Conscious Evolution 

This training is for you if you are a healthcare practitioner, therapist, psychotherapist, nurse, or healers who are ready to ​discover ​your gifts ​and open your holistic practice ​and wants to learn  more holistic approach.

You'll become a Certified Reiki Master, ​but also ​I'll teach you  the principal of energy healing from a more broader perspective. ​

​I created this one-on-one ​training for the busy ​practitioner who wants even more to give to their clients​. As part of this training you'll learn the following: ​

  1. ​​Energy Work
  2. Chakras alignment
  3. Understanding Kundalini
  4. Hands-on Healing
  5. Shamanic Principals for healing
  6. ​Energy cleansing for yourself and your space
  7. ​Connection with your spirit guides and helpers
  8. ​Regression Techniques  
  9. Meditation & Breathing Techniques
  10. ​Reiki Certification


​I am taking this ​training with Yudy. Her arrival in my life has been a blessing. She has a vast knowledge, she teaches in an easy ​to understand. Her ​willingness to help, and her close support as you practice makes this experience very enriching, enjoyable and interesting. ​Through this process, I have grown as a human being. I have healed, I have learned new techniques. I feel more connected to myself, more confident of my gifts and talents and determined to follow the path I chose.

Yudy is a wonderful Human Being. A soul that only inspires love and respect. I admire her a lot because she is the person most "disconnected from her ego" that I have known. Without a doubt, an example to be followed.

I highly recommend this course, because it is a tool for life and personal transformation, which also broadens your knowledge if what you want is to help others.

​Diana H., Houston, Tx 

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​*Once you processed your payment we'll be contacting  you to schedule your session. Sessions are offer either online or in-person at our facilities. You can schedule your sessions during the month of December and/or Jan 2018. Please contact me for any questions related to this holiday special.