Yudy Veras Bueno

Transformational Soul Coach ​& Emotional Spiritual Guide​

​Nurturing Your Soul to Thrive with Passion in the Game of Life!

​If we haven’t met then it’s time we do, I’m Yudy, The Joyful Shaman! ​

Welcome to my world!

​Like many other women, one day I looked in the mirror, and I did not like the person on the other side, I was no longer recognizable. I had become a frustrated and anxious ​workaholic. Suffering from many chronic illnesses, at age 36 I ​had a heart attack, due to high stress, irresponsible lifestyle and an internal battle ​with myself. 

​It was very confusing at the time, on one hand, I had a successful career, a beautiful family, and a bright future, on the other hand, I felt extremely unhappy.

I buried myself in books, self-help classes, seminars, self-development programs, seminars, colleges degrees, and so on... ​I ​concentrated all my energies on learning, and ​creating a successful career hoping to find happiness. 

Then, I remembered my heritage. My father was a very successful businessman, the mayor of our town and a wise shaman. He initiated me at a young age in the mysterious way of the shaman. The challenge was that for ​many years, I had forgotten about my ​traditions . This created a disconnect, and I felt a deep dissatisfaction. 

​​However, I was my father's daughter. So, inside me, there was this wisdom, ​a voice. ​​I trusted this wisdom and invested​ the time and the resources to find the answers that I was ​seeking​.

This was the beginning of an amazing journey. ​I found the right guidance and gained the tools and knowledge to create real change. ​​I took the time to look inward ​where all the answers are found.

I found my connection to my own inner-guidance, ​what I called "my inner GPS." ​After many trials and errors, certifications, self-inquiry, daily meditations, and self-reflection, one day, I looked in the mirror and saw the seeker and light warrior inside of me.

​​​I was able to wake up and re-write my story, ​and I believe that you can do ​it too.​ ​I'll hand you the pen to re-write your ​own powerful story  ​so that you can create the life that you always wanted... Fulfill, happy and free!

I have sixteen years of experience in the Pharma industry, handling root cause analysis, training, investigations, and audits, in which human relations is a key element for a successful career, as well as, the understanding of basics human behavior, mindset, and attitudes. 

Now, I was in ​a position to deepen my advance learning on human psychology,  the power of the mind, and the subconscious impulses, so I became a NAP, (Neuro Associative Programming), and NLP, (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Certified Practitioner. 

​At the same time I continued my shamanic studies and completed my Reiki Master Certification, then I created Joy Holistic Wellness.

​Finally, the warrior woke up and was not planning on going back to sleep. My mission today is to ​guide and inspire you to ligh-up your inner ​spark and re-connect with your ​true yourself, so you can be free of self-imposed limitations!

​I work with amazing, successful professionals who are looking to bring even more transformation into their lives and wake up their warrior inside!


All I can say is Wow! Yudy has the rare ability to acquaint you with your unconscious. She said things to me that I have only said to myself. I have learned the unconscious drives 95% of who we are and only 5% of our actions are driven by our conscious mind. I can't explain how powerful it is to get a glimpse into that 95% that drives most of our actions. I encourage you to partner and work with Yudy and trust that you will not be disappointed. Yudy thank you for all you do. Thank you for the lovely experience together. You are truly gifted.

Debi W., - BSHA,​ CNC​ - ACE Certified Health Coach, Medical Exercise Specialist - Author and Creator of the Saving Generation Next Project


"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much Yudy for helping get past challenges I did not know I had! This past weekend was life changing for me and you are doing amazing work changing people's lives. 

  Chevy R. New Jersey, Entrepreneur & Healthcare Manager 

"You have the power to transform yourself to create a new identity for a happier and more fulfilling life that is worth living!" ~ Yudy Veras Bueno

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